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The Office québécois de la langue française (version française)
History, Mission, Services and tools, Influence
(PDF), février 2010

Information and Communication Technologies in French (version française)
Hardware, Software, Websites
(PDF), février 2010

The present Guide to Cultural and Linguistic Norms of Québec, published by the BÉTEL (Banc d'évaluation technolinguistique) team at Office québécois de la langue française, references and explains all pertinent standards, national and international, defining the requirements to fully support French in the Québec context.

Readers, whether translators or developers, will find in this publication all the required standards to be applied in order to produce a proper Québec localization. Also, users of this guide will be able to configure their workstation in accordance with these localization norms.

Cultural and Linguistic Characteristics of Québec - Information Technology Conventions and Practices (PDF format) (version française)

Living in French in Québec (version française)
(PDF format)

The ABCS of Québec’s Language policy (version française)
(PDF format)


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